Yes, the almighty favourites page! =O Bow to its greatness, mortals.

Actually, this is just for me to keep track of all the new, cool stuff going on around me. It’s kinda fun. ^_^ Yay~

Onward, ho!


AiKo’s Favourite….

Pop Song: Hide & Seek/Namie Amuro (LISTEN. TO. THIS. SONG. NOW.)

Rock Song: SEVENTH HEAVEN/Larc~en~Ciel -and- endscape/UVERworld

J-Urban Song: A-L-I-V-E/Foxxi missQ

Misc. Song: I’ve Got a Jar f Dirt ❤

J-Pop Singer: Oh I don’t know…! *bites nails* Angela Aki can always make me swoon.

Album: Play/Namie Amuro -and- Gloss/Foxxi missQ

American Series: Firefly

American Show: Law and Order: SVU/CI (Hey… Leave me alone about this one.)

Movie: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (I know it’s not out yet, but I already know it’ll be my favourite. =^^=)

Anime: Yu Yu Hakusho ❤

Manga: Furuba~ ❤ (Even though it’s getting a bit weird. I mean, seriously, what the HECK was Volume 15 even about? Kyou and Touru should be having cute little orange-haired babies by now. But I digress…)

Seiyuu: Ogata Megumi (Mainly because of Yu Yu Hakusho—which is the greatest show EVER. MADE…. YES IT IS.)

Video Game: Gahhh~! At the moment I guess it is… nothing. My usual favs are Kingdom Hearts I/II, Star Ocean 3, Final Fantasies III, IV, VII, X, and XII. I am looking forward to all of the FFXIIIs. *scrapes up money for a PS3*


Thus ends the famous favourites page. Aww, I know you didn’t want it to be over! I can feel your sadness. Dry those tears! I might add more when I can actually think of more to add. O___o;

Cheers! ^O^/

Seriously. WTH?

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