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Shuffle time! :O

So I put iTunes on shuffle.

Interesting, ne?

Well it is, because the first five songs that it landed on, I uploaded… for you! (: On Mediafire no less! O: I’m such a doll~

SE7EN – Girl Friend
*fangirlemosigh* Aww.. I wish SE7EN didn’t have a girlfriend. D: *smacks self* Right. On to it then… This song is one of his standard R&B songs with slower lyrics and a smooth melody over top of some nice pulsating synth beats. It can be found on SE7EN’s fourth album, Se7olution.

Download Girl Friend

KOKIA – dandelion
This is a really sweet song that KOKIA makes even sweeter with her gentle voice. Of course, that doesn’t stop her from showing off how strong she can be. dandelion really showcases how solid her voice is without being all IN YO’ FACE about it. It’s probably my favourite from KOKIA thus far~

Download dandelion

Jolin Tsai – Dancing Diva
This song was my first break away from my rigid J-Pop lineup. My first experience with Chinese pop was Dancing Diva. Jolin has a very uppity dance song here that has an Arabian feel to it. It will definitely get your head bobbing and toes tapping. I had never heard Chinese sung before, so it was interesting to hear how it sounded. Try it!

Download Dancing Diva

Stephanie – ANGEL GIRL
Yay Stephanie! I can’t wait until she gets an album out~ She has an AMAZING voice, and her first single just captured me right away. This song was the third one on the tracklist of her Kimi Ga Iru Kagiri Single, but that doesn’t mean it’s lower quality. ANGEL GIRL is an uppity pop song that is catchy but not too cutesy. Her English is very good too. (: Give her a shot!


UVERworld – Home binetsu 39°C
Ah UVERworld… Some of their stuff I adore, and some doesn’t do a thing for me. Luckily, this song is one that I like. It can be found as track number three on their BUGRIGHT album. I really enjoy the beginning of the song with the strong percussion. The overall mood of this song is energetic and fun.

Download Home binetsu 39°C

Well that was fun~! xD Hope you like!


[Lyrics] Hide & Seek

Since a crazy amount of people have been searching for Namie Amuro’s Hide & Seek lyrics, I have decided to post them. I think it’s quite weird that my blog is number one on Google when searching for “Namie Amuro – Hide & Seek lyrics” …and they weren’t even here. Lol! But they are now! Woohoo!

But please, do NOT credit this romanji to me. I did not do it.

*** Full credit goes to Sasha from this board. She has the lyrics to the other songs on the PLAY album. Please go thank her for her work!

Hide & Seek

Step Step into the floor
Shake Shake on the floor
Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce
Take Take it to the floor
Shake Shake on the floor
Hide & Seek Ah 1 2 Step C’mon

kondo no HOT na Style mo soutou sukinai
boutou semeteku houkou
osae kirenai shoudou
hani gaide noukou na mitsu wo motto
ikenai asobi shittara ato ni
modorenai kyori (Everyday your eyes on me)
yureru Floor agaru ondo kikoeru kodou
You’re feelin’ you never never lower your voice

Wah Hit the floor “Bang Bang”
ashimoto “Bounce Bounce”
It’s time to bang bang bang your head
Ow kidukeba dandan yamitsuki “Bounce Bounce”
It’s time to bang bang bang your head
You wanna catch me (Hide & Seek)
You wanna touch me (Hide & Seek)
kanari Crazy (Hide & Seek)
This is another level
If you wanna get the real thrill
saa Let’s play kakurenbo
Boy You gonna try to find me

Step Step into the floor
Take Take it to the floor
Shake Shake on the floor
Hide & Seek Hide & Seek
Step Step into the floor
Take Take it to the floor
Shake Shake on the floor
Hide & Seek Hide & Seek

taikutsu tokei shikake shibai shitate
maware migi Go Away
mamotte bakari ja Nonsense
douse nara hade ni kimete Once Again
rikutsu ja nai tte tatta no ichi kaide
mou zutto kaiten (Are you ready step my way)
heitan na Sunday kara Monday ki no sumu made
You gotta just shake shake shake your body

Wah Hit the floor “Bang, Bang”
ashimoto “Bounce Bounce”
It’s time to bang bang bang your head
Ow kidukeba dandan yamitsuki “Bounce Bounce”
It’s time to bang bang bang your head
You wanna catch me (Hide & Seek)
You wanna touch me (Hide & Seek)
kanari Crazy (Hide & Seek)
This is another level
If you wanna get the real thrill
saa Let’s play kakurenbo
Boy You gonna try to find me

adokenai soburi Make me say Uh Uh Uh Uh
hakkiri to Oh tell me want you wanna do do do do
Boy you sexy thing like a gorgeous ring
sokkenai furi sore mo tenouchi
My heart is beatin’ Keeps on repeatin’
arienai suuchi I wanna see your body bounce for me

Wah Hit the floor “Bang Bang”
ashimoto “Bounce Bounce”
It’s time to bang bang bang your head
Ow kidukeba dandan yamitsuki “Bounce Bounce”
It’s time to bang bang bang your head
You wanna catch me (Hide & Seek)
You wanna touch me (Hide & Seek)
kanari Crazy (Hide & Seek)
This is another level
If you wanna get the real thrill
saa Let’s play kakurenbo
Boy You gonna try to find me

And there you have it! ^__^ Enjoy!

i heart japan.

Let’s hear a big round of applause for the people from the Land of the Rising Sun! For, if they did not exist, I would be suffering in the hands of the icky Western pop that nearly always makes me gag. 😦

*stands up and claps*

Thank you, J-pop. Thank you, C-Pop. Thank you, K-Pop.
America loves your music too. ♥

Now I would just like to take some time to highly recommend some of the albums that I have really been enjoying lately.  Please feel free to comment, but be sure to thank the people responsible for uploading these albums for their time too. ^^

Namie Amuro - Hide&Seek (CD+DVD)

Artist: Namie Amuro
Album: PLAY
Release Date: June 27, 2007
Genre: Pop, R&B, Dance
o1. Hide & Seek
o2. Full Moon
o4. It’s all about you
o6. Step With It
o7. Hello
o8. Should I Love Him?
o9. Top Secret
10. Violet Sauce
11. Baby Don’t Cry
12. Pink Key

Well, duh. You didn’t think that I would leave this glorious piece of artwork out, did you? Amuro-san really did a fantastic job with this album. Every song is its own, but each can still fit together as a whole wonderfully. It’s innovative, catchy, and I am just one of many people who love it. There are tons of other blogs that have this available for download, so please choose one from any of the following links to do so. You won’t regret it. ^_~

ongoing melody→zShare
Too Fast to Live→zShare

Next up…

Artist: m-flo/various
Release Date: March 28, 2007
Genre: R&B, Dance, Pop
01 Issue No 5
02 Love Don’t Cry / m-flo loves Crystal Kay
03 Luvotomy / m-flo loves 安室奈美恵
04 STUCK IN YOUR LOVE / m-flo loves melody.
05 Current Affairs
06 Summer Time Love / m-flo loves 日之内エミ & Ryohei
07 Simple & Lovely / m-flo loves 倖田來未
08 Picture Perfect Love / m-flo loves MONKEY MAJIK
09 Music Monopoly
10 she loves the CREAM / m-flo loves DOPING PANDA
11 Love Me After 12AM / m-flo loves Alex(CLAZZIQUAI PROJECT)
12 Love Song / m-flo loves BONNIE PINK
13 Love Long and Prosper / m-flo loves STAR TREK™
14 LOVE ME, HATE THE GAME / m-flo loves Chan, Thaitanium, Edison Chen, Ryohei
15 Lotta Love / m-flo loves MINMI
16 People of Cosmicolor
17 Love to Live By / m-flo loves Chara

Now I know this came out a while ago, but its greatness should not be forgotten so easily! This is a great album to listen to during the summertime… even if it did come out in late March. =P m-flo’s projects with each of these artists were probably some of the most successful collabs I’ve ever heard in my life! None of them sound like rushed, filler songs. Each song is carefully and wonderfully unique …and enjoyable! Take a chance to relax with m-flo singing with some of the biggest artists out there… while sipping some tangy lemonade. Ahhh~

Go to one of these spectacular blogs to download. ^_^

Too Fast to Live→usaupload

Last but not least…

Foxxi misQ - GLOSS

Artist: Foxxi misQ
Album: GLOSS
Release Date: June 27, 2007
Genre: Urban, R&B, Dance
01. Tha F.Q’s Style feat.JiN
03. Introduction -I Like It-
04. I like it
05. Higher feat.B-BANDJ(FU-TEN)
06. Crush On You
07. Interlude
08. I’ll Never Know
09. Delicious Circus
10. A-L-I-V-E
11. Golden Palace Feat.Corn Head
12. A Taste Of Honey -Gloss Mix-
13. Luxury ride Feat.Zeebra
14. Magnetic Love
15. Introduction -Party Booty Shake-
16. Party Booty Shake feat.Miss Monday

This is Foxxi misQ’s debut album and it’s a GREAT way to start. I was really happy with this album. It is similar to PLAY because it has songs that are GREAT by themselves or as a whole wit h the album. My favourites are still the singles, like Luxury Ride and A-L-I-V-E. But the rest of them are still enjoyable and will definitely put you in a dancing mood. Go to the following blog for this download. =)

Too Fast to Live→usaupload

I just wanted to say THANKS to these blogs mentioned in this post and all the others on my Blogroll. I wouldn’t be able to hear all this great music if it wasn’t for you, so I owe you all my gratitude! ♥♥ Please keep up the great work~

That’s all for now, kidlets! Enjoy.

The Summer of Singles

Yay! A new custom header and a nice clean white layout to absorb the summer freshness. Some say that the spring is a time for turning over a new leaf, but this summer has really been a summer of sweet changes for me. I just thought my little corner of cyberspace should reflect that. ^_^; Silly, ne?

I also added a bunch of links to my blogroll and updated my favourites page~

Well, we’re heading into July, and I want to make sure everyone has a chance to enjoy the new J-Pop/Rock that has come out for us so far. So, out of the kindness of my heart (*wink*) I have compiled a list of my *new* singles for you to inspect and download as you see fit. I was going to wait until I got over 5,000 hits, but I figured, meh, what the hey! Y’all deserve to be tossed a bone once in a while. =)

These songs are not necessarily in order of favourites or importance, so pay that no mind.

There you go! ^^ I hope you enjoy~

Namie Amuro – Hide & Seek

Namie Amuro - Hide&Seek


Oh my gosh… I can’t even tell you about how crazy/addictive/sexy/hot/AWESOME this song is! Our girl, Namie, REALLY outdid herself this time. I’ve always been a fan of her beats and voice (even if her lyrics were sometimes a little iffy…) But—and I don’t usually curse—DAMN!! When I heard the first couple seconds of Hide & Seek, I thought it was kinda odd, and I didn’t know what to expect, but all of a sudden I just had this incredible urge to dance! (Her pronounciation is also pretty good too, so you won’t be cringing when she has those addictive little English phrases.) It is infectious, definitely a party/club song, and did I mention awesome? I did, didn’t I? Well, I just said it again… and it DESERVES IT!!

Namie Amuro - Hide&Seek (CD+DVD)

Hide & Seek is the first track of Namie’s next album PLAY, which comes out 06/27/2007. PLEASE support Amuro-san by buying her new album. You can reserve the CD here or the CD+DVD here. It is also on Amazon, I believe.

This will definitely be one of the most popular songs/albums of the summer, so you DON’T want miss out on the greatness. 😉 And, if you don’t like it the first time you hear it, give it a second chance at least. I guarantee it’ll grow on you!

Download Hide & Seek*

*Please comment if you download. I’d LOVE to hear what other people think. ^_^

[Single] Nana Tanimura – Again

So, I just found out about this pretty little thing who is new to the J-Pop scene. When you first look at Nana Tanimura, you think of maybe another sweet, little glamourous Ai Otsuka, right?

Nana Tanimura


This girl has a surprisingly Utada-like voice that can really make your heart melt–at least, in the first song of the single, Again. This song starts off really soft with some light piano, and shortly thereafter Nana starts in with some nice calm lyrics. The overall flow of the song is lovely and you can really feel the emotion in Nana’s voice. This is the best song of the single, and it is also a very lovely ballad.

Get it On is… interesting. I didn’t like it the first time I heard it because I don’t think the type of song suits Nana’s voice. Maybe it’ll grow on me… Meh. The Engrish is kinda apparent, but it’s not as bad as SOME J-Pop songs I’ve heard *cough*KodaKumi*cough*!! It kinda has that rock/country sound to it… or that’s just what I got from it. I don’t know.. it was just weird.

瞳の中のモラル is the third and final song on the single (aside from the instrumentals). It’s definitely better than Get it On, but it’s still a bit predictable. It has a nice beat and a catchy chorus coupled with an electric guitar, synth, and some… trumpets? O_o; Nah, they aren’t really trumpets, but they kinda bring in that slightly jazzy sound. Overall, it’s a decent song that is worth a listen. Nothing really compares to Again in this single though.

Overall, I think Nana’s debut single was pretty good. It served also to prove her versitility with her voice and styles. However, especially in Get in On, this wasn’t exactly executed in the best way possible. Nana kinda reminds me of Yuna Ito in a way–she has a GREAT voice, but she just needs to find that niche in her music to really make it shine.

Rating: 8.5/10 – B+

Download: Nana Tanimura – Again

**Note: This is a .rar file. You will need WinRAR to decompress it.

LAST ECLIPSE [dot] NET {open~}

Woo! My site is now open! Go check it out —LAUNCH!

Last Eclipse will basically be a fan collective of all the things I love. I plan to have many projects to keep myself busy (and not bored) online. Right now I am designing the layout for my personal part of the site.

*** !!! By the way, I’m having some trouble with the Enthusiast script and MySQL databases. The script says it cannot connect to the database. Any reasons why that may be? Please leave a comment!



-Added Exits section.
*Includes a “Link In”, “Link Out”, “Affiliates” and a “Special” section.

-Added my Radio.Blog.
*25 new songs by Ai Otsuka, Angela Aki, misono, Namie Amuro, move, Utada Hikaru, UVERworld, YUI and Yuna Ito.

-Added 7 new banners to Link In Section.

-Added 3 sites in Special


-Aiko’s personal site.
*developing layout structure

-Installing the Enthusiast script for multiple fanlistings.


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