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The week from Hell I tell you!


….I’m glad I got that off my chest.
I can’t wait until this week is officially over so that I can move on with my life.

It started with the viewing and funeral of my best friend’s brother.
That was hard in it of itself…
(See the previous post for a mini tribute to our friend, Adam.)

Then yesterday, I got into my first fender bender in my college’s parking lot, and it was a total nightmare for about fifteen minutes. The girl was very rude and wanted me to take the blame for the whole thing.

She also said, “Well, I’m sure it was an accident. At least, I certainly HOPE it was.”


Oh yeah. I just go around scraping people’s brand new 2007 Toyota Camrys with my bumper for fun. I should really stop doing that. *slaps self* Silly me. Derp.

But thanks to my lovely boyfriend, I was able to get through the day. 🙂 Yay~!

And because I got through it, you all get a little treat. Not one–but TWO new songs from me to you. The first is “Hotel Lobby” by Utada Hikaru. I bought it from iTunes from her album Exodus. It’s in English, but it’s a laid back song with some odd (but cool) lyrics.

Download “Hotel Lobby” by Utada Hikaru

The second one is “Camellia” by Hitomi Shimatani. This is an awesome dance song with smooth lyrics and a sweet beat. It has a very unique sound to it, and I think I could listen to this chick’s voice all day long. She’s awesome. (Thank you, Lex from Beyond The Sea, for originally posting this song. You rox0r~)

Download “Camellia” by Hitomi Shimatani

Hitomi Shimatani - Camellia

Well, that’s all for now, folks. Take ‘er easy.


We’ll miss you.

Adam Dyjak - We’ll Miss You For you, buddy.

Click here to view the Dyjak/Lester/Lowe production of “Eldersburg: Boondock Surburbia.”

Click here to read an article about them in The Examiner.

I feel that there isn’t a whole lot I can say that would make myself or anyone else feel better.  I just know that I am just one of the many people who will miss him.

R.I.P. Adam Dyjak
August 27, 1988 – March 7, 2007


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