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Luck o’ the German…. ?

Sorry. I’m not Irish, but I do appreciate a good St. Patrick’s day meal. Come to think of it, I’m not really German either… I’m American. Hyuck~ Don’t hate me!

*ducks to avoid the tossed rotten veggies*

It’s not my fault!! TT__TT I would be Asian if I had a choice. In fact, some of my friends think that I’d make a better Japanese person than an American. Does that count for anything? Probably not… *sigh*

So apparently according to SushiCam, the Japanese birthrate is decreasing.
Oh noes~! Those guys really need to stop working and lay their wives once in a while. And women–stop being so career snobby and go find a husband BEFORE you’re 40 years old for crap’s sakes! This whole “revolution” is rising to ridiculous levels. What exactly is wrong with marrying someone before you’re 30? Does it really “hinder” your abilities to have a successful career? Are children that much of a taboo?

Yikes. I’m asking some really sensitive questions… Anyway, I don’t have problems with women getting jobs and being successful. (Heck, I want to be successful!) I just think that totally blowing off the idea of a family JUST because it interferes with your job plans is a bit selfish… especially if you’re in a relationship. Granted, there are certain circumstances where that is appropriate, but we mustn’t forget the idea of BALANCE. A career isn’t everything… we are supposed to actually LIVE too. *shrug* But that’s just my thing.

Shoo~! Glad that part’s over. Now for the fun stuff! Here’s a song called “CHOCOLATE DISCO” that will get your mind in a happy place. Be careful–chocolate is addicting.

Download CHOCOLATE DISCO by Perfume

Here is the PV for the song. Why are all Japanese music videos like watching visual crack? O_o;

Anyway… enjoy!


Have a great St. Paddy’s day, y’all! ^O^/

[edit] I added a Favourites~ page so you can see what I’m likin’ at the moment.  I know you were just DYING to know. ^_~ [/edit]


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