Okay, so you’ve noticed that I put up some J-Pop/Rock downloads (sometimes) for your pleasure and amusement. That is true. However—this is not one of those J-Pop/Rock review blogs. (Please check out all the blogs on my blogroll for that sort of thing!) I put up some music that I like, you download it if you choose, and we move on with our lives. If the link expires, I probably will not know about it, so I can’t put it back up for you. If you REALLY want to download the song I had uploaded, please send me a kind email, and I will try to do it expediently.

Other than that, this is my own personal blog. I will rehash things that happened to me, share my thoughts and be generally bloggish. It’s your own choice, but if you DO choose to download some of the songs I’ve put up, I would really appreciate a comment. It doesn’t have to be long and drawn out. Just a simple, “Thanks for the song! I really enjoyed it” would do the trick. Or if you didn’t like it, tell me so! I like hearing opinions. I also like hearing opinions on what I have to say (if applicable) so feel free to share your thoughts.

Some of the other small features I have on my blog include a link to my Last.fm account. You can click that and go listen to some of the stuff I listen to most of the time! Isn’t that exciting? ^O^/
I also have a weekly Engrish for you picture. All pictures are gathered from Engrish.com. They just make me chuckle. The picture will change every week… or whenever I can get to it. +_+; If you happen to come across your own “engrish” experience in your travels, feel free to send me the picture, and I will put it up for a laugh.

Welp, I guess that’s it. Enjoy~

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