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abingdon boys school = ♥ (+ a happy birthday)



She turns 18 today~ I remember when I used to give her baths, feed her bottles, and blow raspberries on her little belly. 🙂 She’ll be going off to college in August, and I’ll miss her very much. *snugglehugs*

Okay, now on to the good stuff:

abingdon boys school

ABINGDON BOYS SCHOOL!!!1!1one!1eleven11!!!shift!!1!

I can’t believe I haven’t noticed these guys yet. O: They are like high energy rock/pop/awesomeness that I love so much. *_* Here is their latest single PV, Nephilim…

((All singles are compatible with iTunes!))

Release Date: December 6, 2006
2. Fre@k $HoW

INNOCENT SORROW is the opening theme song to the show D. Gray Man. It is definitely a good song to start with as a debut. I personally like some of their later stuff better, but it’s worth a listen for sure. Fre@k $HoW was very enjoyable. I liked the change of pace throughout the song. I’m a sucker for that sort of thing. ^_~

Download the INNOCENT SORROW single

Release Date: May 16, 2007

HOWLING is definitely a J-Rock song. The random talking in the beginning with the strong percussion and guitar will be sure to get your head banging! I really liked the overall beat and the fact that it is kinda catchy once you hear it enough. NERVOUS BREAKDOWN was a similar style to HOWLING, but it was a bit slower in the beginning. The English in this song was very understandable, so you don’t have to cover your ears when he sings. 😉 Both songs are great to listen to if you need to rock out for a while.

Download the HOWLING single (coming soon!)

Album: Nephilim
Release Date: July 4, 2007
1. Nephilim

Nephilim is a dramatic rock song that sorta reminds me of some of Gackt’s songs in a way—BUT DON’T BE SCARED OFF!! As much as I love Gackt, I know a lot of people don’t like his style, but please give this a chance! If you are nervous about J-Rock in general, take a listen to the PV I have up there to see what it sounds like. You never know what you like until you try it. ^_~ LOST REASON is actually a little more enjoyable to me than Nephilim was, but that just might be because it starts out a bit faster. *shrugs* Both of these songs are really great, so I shouldn’t play favourites. I can’t WAIT until their first album! ^O^~!!

Download the Nephilim single

Please leave a comment to tell me what you think. I really enjoy hearing other opinions!! Don’t be shy! ^__^ I will also add the Innocent Sorrow single to this post when I finally get it. @_@;


[Gaming] Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

This is a quote from the NA Square-Enix website:

Platform: Nintendo DS

ESRB Rating: Not Yet Rated
Release Date: Coming this Winter

Following the story of the beloved classic that captivated more than 5 million players around the world, FINAL FANTASY XII REVENANT WINGS continues the tale that won numerous accolades from the industry’s top publications. Developed exclusively for the Nintendo DS, FINAL FANTASY XII REVENANT WINGS is an all-new experience that makes full use of the Nintendo DS’s unique features. Featuring full Touch Screen functionality, FINAL FANTASY XII REVENANT WINGS allows players to control massive armies, unleash special moves and activate Gambits, all with the use of the stylus. The world of Ivalice comes alive through the respected musical stylings of Hitoshi Sakimoto and the direction of Motomu Toriyama, the director of FINAL FANTASY X-2 and the upcoming FINAL FANTASY XIII.”

WOOHOO!! Being the loser that I am, I JUST checked Square’s website to see when this was scheduled to be released. (This was their May 16, 2007 news… I guess I’m a bit late. ^^; ) The ending of Final Fantasy XII was just left too open for my tastes (not that it was bad—I just want more Balthier/ I mean.. story….), so I’m glad the sequel will be coming out relatively soon. This is basically the reason why I wanted a DS so badly for Christmas!


I am nervous that the director of my beloved FFXII:RW was directed by Motomu Toriyama… If he was responsible for the so-called “game” Final Fantasy X-2, then we are in some trouble. That “game’s” sole purpose was fan-service, and, needless to say, I was not serviced nor impressed. Then again, I guess it wasn’t ALL Toriyama-san’s fault. The American voice actresses could have stepped up their performances a notch… but that’s another story. (*gags at the thought of Hedy Burress* She totally butchered Yuna… but I digress.) My hopes for FFXII:RW still remain high as I have discovered that nearly anything can be entertaining when it is on the DS. I mean.. I played Nintendogs for three hours for crying out loud. Dx

However, this is not necessarily going to be a FFX-2 repeat. FFXII:RW is geared towards strategy and completing battles on smaller battlegrounds to advance the plot. Basically it’s just like Final Fantasy Tactics with a touchscreen. I normally am not one for strategy games like this, but I will give it a shot. Now, keep in mind that Square still kept the flavors of Final Fantasy XII in its sequel… since everything is still in REAL time.

Chotto matteyo… Wait a minute… Back the truck up…

We have to strategically move our little players around a battle field, kill all the minions, defeat the boss, use our summons, attack, heal, and use attack magic all in REAL TIME?! NO TURNED BASED?! NO WAI!!

Yes wai.

Dadada daaa~! The gambit system is back, folks! And praise the Baby Jesus, because I think I’d have an anurism if I had to do all that AND keep my sanity. There are many descriptions of gambits, so I’m not going to explain it. Go to Wikipedia… they have the answer to everything. *rolls eyes*

Anywayyyyy…. yes so all that good stuff plus the coolness of a dual-screen handheld system with a cute lil’ stylus. So put it on your Christmas list… This is gonna be a fun game, y’all. (:

Sources: IGN, Official Japanese Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Website

Shuffle time! :O

So I put iTunes on shuffle.

Interesting, ne?

Well it is, because the first five songs that it landed on, I uploaded… for you! (: On Mediafire no less! O: I’m such a doll~

SE7EN – Girl Friend
*fangirlemosigh* Aww.. I wish SE7EN didn’t have a girlfriend. D: *smacks self* Right. On to it then… This song is one of his standard R&B songs with slower lyrics and a smooth melody over top of some nice pulsating synth beats. It can be found on SE7EN’s fourth album, Se7olution.

Download Girl Friend

KOKIA – dandelion
This is a really sweet song that KOKIA makes even sweeter with her gentle voice. Of course, that doesn’t stop her from showing off how strong she can be. dandelion really showcases how solid her voice is without being all IN YO’ FACE about it. It’s probably my favourite from KOKIA thus far~

Download dandelion

Jolin Tsai – Dancing Diva
This song was my first break away from my rigid J-Pop lineup. My first experience with Chinese pop was Dancing Diva. Jolin has a very uppity dance song here that has an Arabian feel to it. It will definitely get your head bobbing and toes tapping. I had never heard Chinese sung before, so it was interesting to hear how it sounded. Try it!

Download Dancing Diva

Stephanie – ANGEL GIRL
Yay Stephanie! I can’t wait until she gets an album out~ She has an AMAZING voice, and her first single just captured me right away. This song was the third one on the tracklist of her Kimi Ga Iru Kagiri Single, but that doesn’t mean it’s lower quality. ANGEL GIRL is an uppity pop song that is catchy but not too cutesy. Her English is very good too. (: Give her a shot!


UVERworld – Home binetsu 39°C
Ah UVERworld… Some of their stuff I adore, and some doesn’t do a thing for me. Luckily, this song is one that I like. It can be found as track number three on their BUGRIGHT album. I really enjoy the beginning of the song with the strong percussion. The overall mood of this song is energetic and fun.

Download Home binetsu 39°C

Well that was fun~! xD Hope you like!

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