*crawls into a hole* …. *cries*

Well, I just got back from my interview at a local advertising company. It went well, I think, but it was just really short. I mean I was in and out of there in like twenty minutes. It’s not that he was rushing me or vice versa, I think we just came to a stopping point… and so it was done.

At least that is what I’m trying to tell myself…

I can’t help but read into it! What if he really did try to shoo me out the door? What if what if what if?! I could think of a million things that I should have said as soon as I walked out the door. Too late now…

So I’m gonna relax and listen to some Angela Aki and try to forget my troubles…

Here—you listen too~

Download “On & On” by Angela Aki

*sigh* I feel better.

Angela Aki


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