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The Fantasy that is anything BUT Final.

Fans are brewing in the steadily building excitement for the release of Final Fantasy XIII for the Playstation3. FFXIII will be the latest installment in the Final Fantasy series, and I believe it will be coming out sometime in 2008. However, this isn’t your typical game. Square-Enix will be utilizing the amazing capabilities of the PS3 to create a cinematic experience through gameplay. Imagine yourself playing as Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children! That’s more or less what Square is striving for in these future games.

But Square isn’t just making a new game, they created a whole new world and plot that can be seen in multiple points of view. The whole project is called “Fabula Nova Crystallis.” There is, of course, Final Fantasy XIII, whose main character is a woman (as far as we know) who wields a gunsword. Her identity is still unknown.


As well as Final Fantasy XIII, there will be an additional game called Final Fantasy Versus XIII. With both of the games, players will be able to experience the whole story of Fabula Nova Crystallis. The main character of Final Fantasy Versus XIII is a darker male character with bluish/grey hair and red eyes. From the jist of things, he seems to be the only heir to a remaining city. He wields a decent size sword (and perhaps multiple ones based on certain scans). FFVersusXIII seems to be a darker game while FFXIII is more “light.”


Finally, in addition to all that, Square has completed a version of FFXIII exclusively for cell phones. This game is called Final Fantasy Agito XIII. Agito means “to put into motion.” From the drawings and assumptions, it seems that this game will have a Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories feel to it. The main character in the center with the blonde hair has playing cards in his hand… and if you’ve played CoM, you know what that means. (Actually, the whole illustration screams Kingdom Hearts II style, but that’s just me.)

So it seems that Square has been keeping extremely busy… to say the least. @_@; These games are going to be huge.


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