It’s Sunday, y’all!! That means it’s the beginning of a new week. I’m ecstatic. That means last week is behind me for good. It’s only a memory~

So in the spirit of Sunday, I have a song for you called “Hallelujah” by the female solo artist RURUTIA. Some people have heard of her, but not as many as I would like. >:[ She has a soothing (almost eerie) voice and her melodies are gorgeous. This particular song features an orchestral rock sound to it. I am an absolute sucker for orchestral rock, let me tell you. It just sounds so epic and important! While this song doesn’t sound as epic as, say, Passion ~Story Neverending Mix~ by Utada, it does have a very intense mood.

It starts off with some violin, and then after about 45 seconds, it adds the glorious, intense beat of percussion. It’s four minutes and sixteen seconds of awesomeness. Check her out, onegaishimasu~! ^o^/

Download “Hallelujah” by RURUTIA

If you like what you hear, then explore RURUTIA a bit more. She isn’t as famous as she should be! *_*

Here is an interview with RURUTIA that I found. It is her FIRST public appearance~! (If anyone can understand fluent Japanese, let me know what she’s saying. xD; )

This is one of her more famous songs. I’m pretty sure it was featured in an anime movie or something. I’m not sure though. ^^; It’s called “Primary.”

Well, I guess that’s it on the music front for today. I have to get out of my PJs now and get ready for Mass. See ya~

[edit] DUDE! I’ve totally renewed my love for Gackt. I got into him really hardcore a couple of years ago… But I just heard some of his new stuff, and he still pwnz all J-Rock. Go check him out on here at Crystal Oasis’ blog! His latest singles are awesome, and I’m sorry to have missed out on so much of his stuff. ;-;~ GAKUTO~ DAISUKI DESUYOOOO~!! ^___^ [/edit]

Gackt + Apple = Pure Love.


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