Axel’s Hips Don’t Lie.

I know, I know it’s old news. 

But for those of you who are Kingdom Hearts II fans AND you have no idea what I’m talking about, you absolutely must see the classic Axel’s Hips Don’t Lie video.  Of course it features Shakira’s song and vocals, but, well, you just have to watch.

(And for clarification: NO, I DID NOT MAKE THIS!)  

The lip flaps are very close to the actual words of the song, and that’s one of the only reasons why it totally rocks. 😉

So anyway, I haven’t been around. That’s okay though, because I’ve been busy totally pwning my college classes.  Oh yeah, baby! I got a 95% on one English essay and a 100% on my Psych paper.  Boo-friggin’-ya. I’d say that’s a major improvement from the last time I took these classes. ^_~

So enjoy Axel, and I’ll get back to this later on to upload a song or two from my favourites collection.

Stay tuned~


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