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*crawls into a hole* …. *cries*

Well, I just got back from my interview at a local advertising company. It went well, I think, but it was just really short. I mean I was in and out of there in like twenty minutes. It’s not that he was rushing me or vice versa, I think we just came to a stopping point… and so it was done.

At least that is what I’m trying to tell myself…

I can’t help but read into it! What if he really did try to shoo me out the door? What if what if what if?! I could think of a million things that I should have said as soon as I walked out the door. Too late now…

So I’m gonna relax and listen to some Angela Aki and try to forget my troubles…

Here—you listen too~

Download “On & On” by Angela Aki

*sigh* I feel better.

Angela Aki


Wow! :O [over 1,000 hits]

I come back to check things out, and I discover that I have over 1,000 hits! That’s awesome~ :3 Thanks you guys!

In celebration, I have some downloads for you! ❀ I will upload ten of my regular J-Pop/Rock songs that appear in my playlist. If you have them, great. If not, then please enjoy~!

AiKo’s Random Ten:

Now y’all do realize that these are just sample MP3s and you have to delete them within 24 hours of downloading. *cough*

Right… So please leave a comment if you downloaded and enjoyed these songs. It does take a bit of effort to do this for you all, so appreciation for my work is always…er…appreciated…?


Hitomi Shimatani - PRIMA ROSA Ai Otsuka - Love Punch Yuna Ito - Endless Story

[insert title here]…. I’m at a loss.

Derp. I have no idea what to write about today. I’m getting a few views on my FFXIII post, which is cool. I love those trailers… and from what I’ve heard of the music, it’s gonna be great~

So for my Art Appreciation class (yes, Art Appreciation… I’m a design major, and they don’t think I appreciate art. Weirdos~ Anyway!) there is this photography project. Now, I am not one for taking photos. That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate the art and results of a photoshoot, I’ve just never done it before myself. That being said, I still have some pretty cool ideas for this project. All of them involve some heavy manipulation in Photoshop… but oh well. I just like adding a little pizazz~ Okay… I just like making things look cool and surrealistic. But that’s me.

I want to do a whole “Wonderland” theme in a nutshell. Now there are tons of ways that I could attempt this, but I just can’t decide. I’m torn between taking pictures in the woods with Alice looking lost and confused, or putting her in the “shrinking house.” *sigh* What am I to do? I’m figurin’ to just do it all and see what I like best. I’ll be starring as Alice, and Ducky-boy will be taking the photos for me. He’s pretty good with a camera from what I’ve seen, so I’ll trust him to do a good job.

Now the only problem left is to find a good Alice outfit. I don’t necessarily want to look all Disney-Alice-like, but something that does give the impression of a Wonderland theme would be nice. I’ve been looking on eBay, but all those cosplay costumes (that are good) are made in China, and I don’t think I have that long before the project is due. Besides, I really don’t want to shell out over $100 just for something I’ll wear once or twice. This isn’t senior prom….

If anyone knows any websites that sell decently priced costumes that would serve my purpose, please please PLEASE leave a comment with the URL. I would really love you forever.


So yeah. That’s what’s going on right now in the life of Ai.

Now that I’ve bored you to tears with my problems… here’s a song to make it worth your while. =P~!

Here is another song by Perfume. It is “Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow.” ….What? Don’t judge a song by its title!! It was the B-side to their single CHOCOLATE DISCO, but it’s still pretty catchy and peppy-like. It’ll get your foot tapping at least. Besides, they’re cute, Japanese and techno-ish, what’s not to love?

Download “Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow” by Perfume

Oh yeah. You know you love it. *dances*

The Fantasy that is anything BUT Final.

Fans are brewing in the steadily building excitement for the release of Final Fantasy XIII for the Playstation3. FFXIII will be the latest installment in the Final Fantasy series, and I believe it will be coming out sometime in 2008. However, this isn’t your typical game. Square-Enix will be utilizing the amazing capabilities of the PS3 to create a cinematic experience through gameplay. Imagine yourself playing as Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children! That’s more or less what Square is striving for in these future games.

But Square isn’t just making a new game, they created a whole new world and plot that can be seen in multiple points of view. The whole project is called “Fabula Nova Crystallis.” There is, of course, Final Fantasy XIII, whose main character is a woman (as far as we know) who wields a gunsword. Her identity is still unknown.


As well as Final Fantasy XIII, there will be an additional game called Final Fantasy Versus XIII. With both of the games, players will be able to experience the whole story of Fabula Nova Crystallis. The main character of Final Fantasy Versus XIII is a darker male character with bluish/grey hair and red eyes. From the jist of things, he seems to be the only heir to a remaining city. He wields a decent size sword (and perhaps multiple ones based on certain scans). FFVersusXIII seems to be a darker game while FFXIII is more “light.”


Finally, in addition to all that, Square has completed a version of FFXIII exclusively for cell phones. This game is called Final Fantasy Agito XIII. Agito means “to put into motion.” From the drawings and assumptions, it seems that this game will have a Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories feel to it. The main character in the center with the blonde hair has playing cards in his hand… and if you’ve played CoM, you know what that means. (Actually, the whole illustration screams Kingdom Hearts II style, but that’s just me.)

So it seems that Square has been keeping extremely busy… to say the least. @_@; These games are going to be huge.


Continue reading ‘The Fantasy that is anything BUT Final.’


It’s Sunday, y’all!! That means it’s the beginning of a new week. I’m ecstatic. That means last week is behind me for good. It’s only a memory~

So in the spirit of Sunday, I have a song for you called “Hallelujah” by the female solo artist RURUTIA. Some people have heard of her, but not as many as I would like. >:[ She has a soothing (almost eerie) voice and her melodies are gorgeous. This particular song features an orchestral rock sound to it. I am an absolute sucker for orchestral rock, let me tell you. It just sounds so epic and important! While this song doesn’t sound as epic as, say, Passion ~Story Neverending Mix~ by Utada, it does have a very intense mood.

It starts off with some violin, and then after about 45 seconds, it adds the glorious, intense beat of percussion. It’s four minutes and sixteen seconds of awesomeness. Check her out, onegaishimasu~! ^o^/

Download “Hallelujah” by RURUTIA

If you like what you hear, then explore RURUTIA a bit more. She isn’t as famous as she should be! *_*

Here is an interview with RURUTIA that I found. It is her FIRST public appearance~! (If anyone can understand fluent Japanese, let me know what she’s saying. xD; )

This is one of her more famous songs. I’m pretty sure it was featured in an anime movie or something. I’m not sure though. ^^; It’s called “Primary.”

Well, I guess that’s it on the music front for today. I have to get out of my PJs now and get ready for Mass. See ya~

[edit] DUDE! I’ve totally renewed my love for Gackt. I got into him really hardcore a couple of years ago… But I just heard some of his new stuff, and he still pwnz all J-Rock. Go check him out on here at Crystal Oasis’ blog! His latest singles are awesome, and I’m sorry to have missed out on so much of his stuff. ;-;~ GAKUTO~ DAISUKI DESUYOOOO~!! ^___^ [/edit]

Gackt + Apple = Pure Love.

Luck o’ the German…. ?

Sorry. I’m not Irish, but I do appreciate a good St. Patrick’s day meal. Come to think of it, I’m not really German either… I’m American. Hyuck~ Don’t hate me!

*ducks to avoid the tossed rotten veggies*

It’s not my fault!! TT__TT I would be Asian if I had a choice. In fact, some of my friends think that I’d make a better Japanese person than an American. Does that count for anything? Probably not… *sigh*

So apparently according to SushiCam, the Japanese birthrate is decreasing.
Oh noes~! Those guys really need to stop working and lay their wives once in a while. And women–stop being so career snobby and go find a husband BEFORE you’re 40 years old for crap’s sakes! This whole “revolution” is rising to ridiculous levels. What exactly is wrong with marrying someone before you’re 30? Does it really “hinder” your abilities to have a successful career? Are children that much of a taboo?

Yikes. I’m asking some really sensitive questions… Anyway, I don’t have problems with women getting jobs and being successful. (Heck, I want to be successful!) I just think that totally blowing off the idea of a family JUST because it interferes with your job plans is a bit selfish… especially if you’re in a relationship. Granted, there are certain circumstances where that is appropriate, but we mustn’t forget the idea of BALANCE. A career isn’t everything… we are supposed to actually LIVE too. *shrug* But that’s just my thing.

Shoo~! Glad that part’s over. Now for the fun stuff! Here’s a song called “CHOCOLATE DISCO” that will get your mind in a happy place. Be careful–chocolate is addicting.

Download CHOCOLATE DISCO by Perfume

Here is the PV for the song. Why are all Japanese music videos like watching visual crack? O_o;

Anyway… enjoy!


Have a great St. Paddy’s day, y’all! ^O^/

[edit] I added a Favourites~ page so you can see what I’m likin’ at the moment.Β  I know you were just DYING to know. ^_~ [/edit]

The week from Hell I tell you!


….I’m glad I got that off my chest.
I can’t wait until this week is officially over so that I can move on with my life.

It started with the viewing and funeral of my best friend’s brother.
That was hard in it of itself…
(See the previous post for a mini tribute to our friend, Adam.)

Then yesterday, I got into my first fender bender in my college’s parking lot, and it was a total nightmare for about fifteen minutes. The girl was very rude and wanted me to take the blame for the whole thing.

She also said, “Well, I’m sure it was an accident. At least, I certainly HOPE it was.”


Oh yeah. I just go around scraping people’s brand new 2007 Toyota Camrys with my bumper for fun. I should really stop doing that. *slaps self* Silly me. Derp.

But thanks to my lovely boyfriend, I was able to get through the day. πŸ™‚ Yay~!

And because I got through it, you all get a little treat. Not one–but TWO new songs from me to you. The first is “Hotel Lobby” by Utada Hikaru. I bought it from iTunes from her album Exodus. It’s in English, but it’s a laid back song with some odd (but cool) lyrics.

Download “Hotel Lobby” by Utada Hikaru

The second one is “Camellia” by Hitomi Shimatani. This is an awesome dance song with smooth lyrics and a sweet beat. It has a very unique sound to it, and I think I could listen to this chick’s voice all day long. She’s awesome. (Thank you, Lex from Beyond The Sea, for originally posting this song. You rox0r~)

Download “Camellia” by Hitomi Shimatani

Hitomi Shimatani - Camellia

Well, that’s all for now, folks. Take ‘er easy.

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