I never want to be a teacher.

Ever. I don’t think I have the patience to deal with it. I’ve taught my boss the same stupid thing about four times now, and I am NOT exaggerating. She is new, and she is a nice person, but when it comes to computers… forget it. Logic and intelligence go down the pooper.

To get my point across here, I will ask you; have you ever had to deal with someone who thinks he/she has exited the program by minimizing it? It is a reasonable enough mistake if one has not had computer experience. But this woman will minimize it, then think she has exited the program, but then will MAXIMIZE it again and THEN close it. This happens about every three to five minutes. Yeah.

And then she gets frustrated with me because I just end up trying to do it for her. Go figure! People wonder why I never get any work done.

On a lighter note, Ducky came into work today and gave me a single pink rose. It was sweet. However, the sweetness was a bit deserved since he was a huge jerk last night.

But I digress…

Anyway, it was an act of kindness that brightens your day, you know?

Speaking of brightening my day, my dad came to my doorway last night and told me that he needs to go on a diet. I offered to go on one with him for moral support. (I could stand to lose some winter weight.) But I had to smile about it because he never really comes to me about that kind of stuff, and it’s not like he went to my mom first. I guess I kinda felt like he was coming to me about something rather than me going to him all the time. I’m not really explaining how I felt very well, but I suppose the closest phrase I can think of is: “I felt important.”


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