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Devil Flamingo

So I lied.

I didn’t add to my last post… Sorry! But at least you got an uber cool Chuck Norris joke. 🙂

Anyway, today went better than I thought it would.  I imagined things being a little more hectic at work, but I have to say that overall it went pretty quickly. I even had time to relax to a little bit of music.

I realised today that I would really, REALLY like to go teach English in Japan. I think I would make a good teacher, since I know my own language mechanics pretty well.  I’d probably have to brush up on some grammar jargon beforehand though… Anyway, this little blurb serves the purpose of reminding myself to look into it.

And for your entertainment, I have uploaded a song by Tsukiko Amano called Devil Flamingo.  How awesome of a title is that?! That alone makes it a cool song, but if you’re concerned about how it actually sounds… then you won’t be disappointed either.  It is a very aggressive song with electric guitar and some forceful singing.  If you like J-Rock, then it’s an enjoyable listen. 

Download Devil Flamingo by Tsukiko Amano

Moonchild in the Sky

Take care, and enjoy!

[edit] By the way, if any of you guys download the songs I upload, feel free to leave a comment to tell me what you thought.  I can also try to take requests…



Chuck Norris.

“Chuck Norris has the cure for cancer in his tears…
Too bad Chuck Norris never cries.”

I know I usually don’t do this… but…

That’s gotta be one of the best one’s I’ve heard yet.

I’ll be back to add to this post later. 😉

My Heart’s a Battleground~

Ah… Saturday.

The glorious day of chores and other assorted things that need to get done… like…ugh… laundry. I don’t know why my soul just does not desire to wash clothes. However, having my trusty little Shuffle has been a help in getting me through this rough time. Thank you again, Apple. And hey, by the way–grats on finally getting the rights to your own name. Now you can make millions on those Beatles songs you’ve been dying to put on iTunes. *thumbs up*

Speaking of tunes, for anyone who is a huge Kingdom Hearts I/II fan, (or if you just like Utada Hikaru–either one works) I uploaded Passion ~Neverending Story Mix~. Now you might think, “Oh great. It’s probably just like the ~after the battle~ version.” And you might just be half right, BUT! it’s better. Believe me, if you like epic, orchestral rock, you WILL enjoy this enhanced version of Passion. I know it’s a long download… but hey… it’s a neverending mix for cryin’ out loud. The actual song is just about 12 minutes long. Yeah… totally awesome right? I think so.

Passion - Utada Hikaru

Download Passion ~Neverending Story Mix~

Well, that’s all this time, folks. Have a great weekend!

[edit] I *want* one of these shirts!! :Q___

Ai Otsuka Shirts

Ai Otsuka is the cutest girl on the planet. Hands down. :3

Jya ne~

Long time no see!

Told you guys that I wasn’t good at this kinda thing.  Blogging just takes so much effort! Kudos to anyone who can actually keep one of these things going.

So college classes have been going okay. I have three papers due all next week… sooo… no personal life for me. 😀

My iPod shuffle

On a positive note, I just splurged and bought myself an iPod shuffle. I know, I know. I jumped on the Apple bandwagon, but they are just TOO cute. Honestly! And besides, you really can’t beat 75$ for this little piece of genius.

With that being said…

I have been downloading J-Pop/Rock like a maniac. I feel bad… but at the same time, I am totally relishing in the glorious melodies. The Japanese don’t know how good they have it. Their pop-idols can actually SING. They don’t have to just look cute and lip-sync themselves to the top like some of the pathetic U.S. singers today. Sure, Ayumi Hamasaki is adorable, but she has a powerful voice to boot. I look back now, and I am just so glad I got into this whole genre of music when I did.

I’d also like to thank those of you who take the time to upload and review their albums. I couldn’t have done it without you either. *love* 🙂

So, some of my favourites so far have been Tsukiko Amano, K, Angela Aki, Yuna Ito, Namie Amuro, Koda Kumi, Ai Otsuka, BoA, Tommy heavenly6, Mika Nakashima, and Utada Hikaru of course. I have heard their songs before, but I just never connected the names to the artists. I particularly LOVE Angela Aki’s voice. It is so rich and brazen. 🙂 It makes me feel all tingly inside~

I also really find it interesting how the whole R&B thing finds itself in more and more songs nowadays. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between that and a Pop song. *shrug* But maybe that’s just me. I guess I’m just used to Pop being that icky 90’s stuff. @__@;

Well, maybe if you guys are good, I’ll upload some of my (now) massive collection. 😉

Ganbatte minna~!

Chores suck.

Bleh.. it’s the weekend, so that means I’m stuck doing all the crap that I should have been doing throughout the week. I am such a procrastinator.

However, I *did* end up taking pictures of one of my 3D projects to toss into my portfolio. You should definitely go check it out! The link to it is under the “About” links on the right. Here’s a peek–
Wire Chess Set IV
It’s pretty nifty. Ducky and I played with it a couple times, and it has this great kinetic energy. The pieces kinda wiggle around after you put them down. 🙂 It’s so cute.

So I ought to be getting ready for church. I’m Catholic, so I should be like 15 minutes early to catch a decent seat. I converted from being Protestant last Easter, but I have to say that I am really sluffing it off lately. I just feel like it was such a letdown… Not the Church, just me. It’s a bit weird to explain.

But I’ll get into my whole religious battles another time.

I couldn’t sleep a wink last night, so I spent most of it drifting in and out of consciousness, and as such drifting in and out of many bizarre dreams. However, I did get some great ideas for a storyline. I even drew the characters out this morning while they were still fresh in my head. I haven’t scanned them yet, so maybe I’ll put them in my next post. I don’t want to reveal any of the storyline, since I am wary of thieves. 😡 It wouldn’t be the first time one of my ideas/works was stolen! The art world can be very cruel, so I am taking caution.

As I said, I didn’t sleep very well, so I stayed up till about 2:00am watching TV. There was a movie on called The Saint with Val Kilmer in it. It wasn’t the best movie, but the overall theme struck me in a way, I guess. Then again, it was early in the morning, and I was VERY tired, but oh well. Look it up if you’re interested, but it’s really not worth the effort.

Point of this whole post: Go see my Portfolio. 🙂 Thanks!

I never want to be a teacher.

Ever. I don’t think I have the patience to deal with it. I’ve taught my boss the same stupid thing about four times now, and I am NOT exaggerating. She is new, and she is a nice person, but when it comes to computers… forget it. Logic and intelligence go down the pooper.

To get my point across here, I will ask you; have you ever had to deal with someone who thinks he/she has exited the program by minimizing it? It is a reasonable enough mistake if one has not had computer experience. But this woman will minimize it, then think she has exited the program, but then will MAXIMIZE it again and THEN close it. This happens about every three to five minutes. Yeah.

And then she gets frustrated with me because I just end up trying to do it for her. Go figure! People wonder why I never get any work done.

On a lighter note, Ducky came into work today and gave me a single pink rose. It was sweet. However, the sweetness was a bit deserved since he was a huge jerk last night.

But I digress…

Anyway, it was an act of kindness that brightens your day, you know?

Speaking of brightening my day, my dad came to my doorway last night and told me that he needs to go on a diet. I offered to go on one with him for moral support. (I could stand to lose some winter weight.) But I had to smile about it because he never really comes to me about that kind of stuff, and it’s not like he went to my mom first. I guess I kinda felt like he was coming to me about something rather than me going to him all the time. I’m not really explaining how I felt very well, but I suppose the closest phrase I can think of is: “I felt important.”

Is this thing on?

*taptap* Hello?

This is my first actual cool-looking blog. Yeah, you know it’s cool.

I can’t tell you how much I really hate LiveJournal, DeadJournal (for posterity), MySpace, Facebook, all that crap! I just want a nice quiet place to share my thoughts.

So I guess onto the “bloggish” stuff.

I /really/ want a Mac right now. I just want it mainly to look at it’s smooth sleekness and superiority. Those bloody things are expensive though~ Even with the student discount, the one I want is still over $1000. I owe my parents double that for college crap, so I guess there’s no way I can get one anytime soon. I just feel like I should know the OS since the Graphics field is so dependent on Macs.

*sigh* Guess I can’t get that PS3 anytime soon either! FFXIII~! Wait for me–!

FFXII - Main Character

Anyway, I found a good deal here on Adobe Creative Suite. For once in my life I was actually happy as a college student. It was only fleeting… Because now I am in the dilemma of either a) buying it now for my out-of-date PC laptop or b) waiting until I could possibly purchase a new Mac and install it on there. I couldn’t bear it if I bought that software for Windows and then needed it again for a Mac. *emosigh* What’s a girl to do?This is Me

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